Like-New Cars, Trucks & SUVs For Sale in Rockaway, NJ


Explore the Like-New Used Vehicles for Sale at Nielsen Mitsubishi

Are you looking for a late-model, low-mileage car, truck, or SUV? Here at Nielsen Mitsubishi, we pride ourselves in offering only the best vehicles that offer "like-new" appeal. You can browse our inventory of practically new vehicles for sale. Some of these vehicles come with a remaining warranty, and some of them are even certified pre-owned.

Why Buying a Used Vehicle is Worth the Investment

Do you think buying a used car is sub-par? We encourage you to think again. Buying a used vehicle is by far the more popular option when shopping for a new vehicle, and for good reasons. There is certainly a thrill associated with purchasing a new vehicle. Still, there are also several reasons why choosing to buy a used car over a new one can be an even more satisfying option for your journeys around Newark. Consider the following:

Aesthetics - We know that many buyers are particular when it comes to their vehicles, which is why we are confident you'll love what our nearly new vehicles bring to the table. Despite what many believe about buying a used vehicle, you may be shocked to know that most manufacturers today put much less time and effort into reinventing the look of their vehicles on an annual basis. The result? You may end up driving a vehicle that is one or two years old that looks brand new.

Pricing - When it comes to pricing, buying used at our dealership near Hackettstown is the obvious choice. Not only will the cost be lower, but by buying a vehicle that is only one or two years old, you will be getting a vehicle that is like-new at only a fraction of the original cost.

Warranty - Many of our like-new vehicles remain covered under the original warranty. If you want to find out which vehicles qualify, you can call our office, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates will assist you.

Quality - Are you afraid your newly purchased used vehicle might fail you at the last minute? These days, this scenario isn't likely. As contemporary used models continue to bolster bigger and better amenities, you'll find that the quality of these vehicles has increased too. The result is that you get a longer-lasting and higher-quality vehicle than you might expect, for a much lower price-point than you'd ever dream.

Certified Pre-Owned - As mentioned before, some like-new vehicles in our lineup are certified pre-owned. This phrase means that the vehicles have undergone extensive inspections to ensure that they are high-quality, well-performing, and low mileage vehicles that are fit for resale. If you want to know more about pre-certification and which vehicles qualify, be sure to speak to a representative for more details.

Which Used Vehicle is Right for You?

Vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. The following are a few of the most popular body types that you may be interested in when researching your next like-new purchase from our dealership near Dover.


A sedan is your typical four-door vehicle with a three-box design. The three compartments that comprise a sedan are the engine, the cabin, and the trunk. Sedans are low to the ground and are perfect for single individuals and small families.


A truck comes in many shapes and sizes, with the most popular option being the pickup truck. These types of vehicles are great for hauling, towing, off-roading, and performing specialty tasks. They are also very safe and provide impeccable handling in hazardous conditions around Rockaway Township.


Like trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are also great to haul and tow, and they can handle well in hazardous conditions. They are most sought-after for the space they provide. Some SUVs can seat as many as nine passengers. As such, these rides are great for families or those looking to haul a lot of cargo.

If you like what you see here, don't hesitate to stop in, look at our inventory, and take one of our vehicles out for a test drive. It's that easy! We invite you to visit our friendly dealership today to discuss our auto finance solutions and the models in our inventory.