The new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in Rockaway is a great vehicle to own, and our team at Nielsen Mitsubishi can't wait to tell you more. By investing in this new Mitsubishi model, you will get various driver-assist and safety features that will work to keep you and your passengers safe near Hackettstown. These incredible safety features include:

  • Airbag system: Features seven airbags. When a collision is detected, the airbags activate automatically, thus reducing injuries to the passengers and the driver. The Outlander Sport adds one more airbag underneath the side dashboard of the driver.

  • Rear cross-traffic alert: Helps to avoid a side or rear collision. It uses flashing lights located on both side mirrors and at the rear to warn the driver. It also offers a warning message that is displayed on the touch screen.

  • Active stability control: Mainly helps stabilize the Outlander Sport, especially if its wheels begin to slip. It continuously uses sensors to monitor the grip of the tires.

  • An impact safety evolution: It absorbs energy away from the driver and the passengers in the event of an impact. The tech feature is also known as RISE body construction.

  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers: Work efficiently by automatically activating at the first drop of rain. They adjust to match the amount of rainfall, thus making the driver focus on the road.

  • Blind-spot monitoring: This feature is applicable primarily when the driver wants to change the lane. It activates a warning light on the side mirror. There is also an audible warning of three beeps that lets the driver know it is unsafe to switch lanes.

  • Backup camera: Majorly useful when reversing as the camera is located at the rear of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. It is designed to avoid a reversing collision.

  • Traction control: Makes the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport take advantage of the available traction on the road by preventing the wheels from spinning.

Check out our inventory online or visit Nielsen Mitsubishi for more information on the safety of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport near Dover.

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